About Us

Matt & Brian
Location: San Francisco, CA
Matt was born in: 1975 – a fabulous scorpio!
Brian was born in: 1968 – a capricorn.
Profession: Real Estate Agent with Zephyr, Programmer with .

We have 3 dogs. Fred, Spot, and the most recent addition, Tuesday. Fred is the bassett hound, Spot is the border collie mutt, and Tuesday is the Newfoundland. Brian and I celebrate our anniversary on June 5. 2004 was our 7th year together, you do the math.

I grew up in Denver, CO and Big Rapids, MI. I went to college at Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo, MI.

After graduating college, I went to work for Apple Computer. After roughly six years as a sales executive in K-12 education market, I left to become a real estate agent. And if you really need to know, my primary machine is a Sony VAIO laptop running WinXP.

Brian and I moved to San Francisco in the fall of 2000, with one of our goals being to adopt a child. We are currently working with an adoption agency to that end. We’ve had some downs on our journey so far, but it will end on an upnote. That much I am sure of. [update, December 2004: If you haven't noticed, the adoption finally worked out!]

I’m a wanna-be geek, and my interests include cooking, reading, running, weightlifting, hanging with good friends and family, working in the yard, and home improvement projects. Two personal goals this year are to learn to knit and to learn to surf.

I’ve run one marathon, it was in 1999 in the Marine Corp Marathon in Washington, DC. I want to run a triathalon at some point in the future. Maybe 2004, we’ll just have to see.

I was not raised in a particular faith, but have joined the unitarian church here in San Francisco. We will raise our child as a unitarian.


Brian Brantner
I was born in Washinton DC in 1968. Both my parents were attending the University of Maryland in College Park. I don’t remember any of it. We left when I was two and moved to Athens so my parents could go to the University of Georgia.

We lived in a trailer park for a number of years. I remember the owner (of the trailer park) having a stone house down by a lake. We would all abandon our trailers and decend upon his house whenever a tornado watch or warning came into effect. His German Shepard bit me on the crotch once. We moved into a six bedroom house in the city proper when I turned about 5. It seems like an awfully big transition but the rent was only $150 per month. My parents divorced when I was 6 and Mom rented out most of the other rooms to art students. We had a couple of exchange students from Italy who would come and live with us in the summer. There seemed to be a lot of drama, but we had a good time. I walked to school starting in first grade I think. It seems like an unsafe thing for such a young child to do these days but back then no one seemed to think twice. We left Athens and moved to Austin when I was 9 so Mom could go to the University of Texas.

Austin is where I really felt like I grew up. I was there for 21 years. I remember lots of stuff. One Memorial Day I went to a barbeque at my ex-boyfriend John’s house. Matt showed up with a friend of his. He was very ornery, but I fell in love with him anyway. He’s mellowed with age, so I’m really glad I did. ;-)