Anniversaries Everywhere!

Wow… first of all, let me congratulate my dear friend Andrew for finishing his first marathon (the SF marathon) today. Way to go!!!!! I’m only a little jealous that your first marathon time was faster than mine. But I’m super thrilled for you.

now… to the blog title…

My friend Pete and his partner celebrated their fourth anniversary of togetherness this last week. I think that’s really awesome so stop by and send him so congratulatory words. Making relationships work is a lot of work, and being a gay man in San Francisco where sex is everywhere can make it all the more challenging. Congratulations!

Friday was my one year anniversary of departing Apple, the company I had worked at since my sophomore year of college (starting as an intern). It’s been such a crazy year. Kind of sort of what I expected. I feel like I’m headed in the right direction, but had unrealistic expectations about the timeline. Par for the course for me. Most days I no longer miss it.

Actually, on the days I do miss it, I call people from my former team, and then I feel really good about my choice to leave. But I miss the company car, that was hard to give up.

This month also marks the one year mark of closing on our house. We didn’t move in until early August, but we started paying for it last July. So, that means we are now eligible to convert from our current form of ownership to a condominium. For those of you outside the city or real estate, that probably doesn’t mean much. But it’s a good thing. It’s a good thing that will be much talked about here on the blog, so all the details will eventually make sense.

Looking back on this past year, I can honestly say I feel like I tried to do way too much in too short of a time. But that’s my nature. I jumped in hard and I’m giving myself credit for sticking with it when it all looked hopeless, pointless, and impossible (which is more often that I’d care to admit).

Jog Jog Jog Jog

Yesterday I made it out for a great run. Departing my house, I ran east through the park, along the panhandle, and turned north at Masonic, taking it to Presidio. At Presidio I kept going due north, wanting to avoid russian hill and all of it’s pain.

Arriving in the Presidio, I cruised down to the ocean, ran along Chrissy field, and west to Ft. Point. Since I was there, I decided why the hell not, and ran out to Marin county and back on the Golden Gate Bridge. That was a first. Foggy in San Francisco, sunny and warm on the Marin side.

Upon arriving back in the county, I headed west again through the presidio, down through Sea Cliff, and out along Land’s End. Down past sutro baths, through golden gate park, stop to to get some red powerade. Note to self: don’t drink 32 oz. all at once. It makes for an unhappy belly.

Head due east through the park, running along MLK Jr. Make it back home 2 hours 56 minutes and 33 seconds after departure.

I think it qualifies for my longest run in San Francisco. It felt really good, and I slept great last night, and still made it to the gym this morning. Yeah me.

Today is Tuesday tour, inspections, and floor time – a decently busy day. It may be 100 degrees in the central valley, but it’s foggy outside my door and I’m wearing a fleece pullover. I love San Francisco weather.

Babysitter Extraordinaire

Yesterday Brian and I babysat our friend’s kiddo, Nathan. He just turned 1 year old – today was actually his birthday party. Well, actually, Brian worked and then went to the movies, but he played with Nathan for a little while.



It was a pretty good time. We played for a while. We got tired, took a nap (I was tired too from a long run earlier in the day, and the lack of food in my stomach before running, whooops!). Then we woke up, changed the diaper (his that is), ate some macaroni & cheese with corn (don’t ask me), played some more, threw the books all over the house, and then fell back to sleep.

I miss being 12 months old.

Today was his birthday party. It was a nice time. It was actually his 2nd birthday party, his dads had a little cake on the actual day (Thursday). The cake on Thursday was better than the cake today. But Nathan loved both cakes equally, making sure to spread them all over his face, arms, legs, and clothing. It was a sight to behold.

My website for work is up finally – Some of the text is still a work in progress, and it’s not quite finished, but it is almost there, yeah! Feel free to send feedback. I’m thinking it might be interesting to start a real-estate related blog on the site, but we’ll see. First I need to finish the pages that are there before I go biting off any new projects with it. The website was last week’s project. Brian designed it months ago, but got distracted with real work, so it was left to me to finish it and actually get it up and running. I’m really happy with it so far.

Went running for a good long run on Saturday. But I only had a bagel and one egg for breakfast, and I had already been to the beach with the dogs, so I ran on a bit of an empty stomach. It really hit me at about 90 minutes, I just completely ran out of gas. Oh well, afterwards I treated myself to a Strawbery Tsunami at Jamba Juice. Plus a shot of wheatgrass and a honey berry bran bread.

Off to work more on the [other] website.

Gay Pride Weekend

Saturday night of Pride weekend found me dancing here until 4am.

Brian and his cousin Alan stayed out until 2 or so. Pete and his partner lasted longer than I did.

I was really looking forward to it. But it just doesn’t seem to fit anymore.

I’m no longer overwhelmed or in awe at the sight of a huge room filled with gay men, even if they are cute. I just kind of take it for granted.

I wasn’t there looking to hook-up.

I just wanted to dance with friends. But the music was insanely loud (requiring ear plugs, which made it all sound like it was filtered through 400 lbs. of thick brown mud).

I dunno, all the raw ingredients were there. But for some reason, things just didn’t cook up the way I was expecting them to.

My minister once gave a sermon about self-help books. And how she was recently reading one that explained life using the metaphor of jumping from rock to rock. And each rock was a place/time in our life. And we could quickly and easily jump from one to the next.

But our minister pointed out that in reality, it’s more like each rock is surrounded by an ocean, and we don’t really hop from one rock to the next. More likely, we fall of one rock, struggle and churn and try not to drown, and then slowly pull ourselves up on the next rock.

I think she’s right.

Feeling trapped

Lately I’ve been feeling trapped by my life. I think I hurried the growing up part, and in my rush to be a grown up forgot to have any fun. So now I’m a little bitter (okay, more than a little) and frustrated that in my rush to earn responsibility and duty, I’ve ended up with a large pile of responsibilities and duties.

I don’t know what I want from myself anymore. Or from other people. Or from life. It’s all very confusing.

All I can think of is cliche’s you would find in a poster in a corporate lobby. You know, the ones about Motivation, Teamwork, Success, Inspiration, etc. I used to find comfort in those slogans. Anymore, I’m not so sure.