Against my better judgement, I watched Family Fundamentals with Brian tonight as we ate ribs with corn and a spinach salad.

It makes me thankful my parents are lunatic religious fundamentalists. So much hate in this world, it’s sad.

Be sure to check out the website, watch the film, then go back and read the updates about what has happened to each person since the film. I’ll admit, I have a little crush for the mormon. Is that so wrong?

There was a point in here somewhere…


I’m a unitarian by choice. Of all the services I’ve attended, it is the one I’m the most drawn to. That said, I’ve really never been to a service that isn’t derived in some way from Christianity.

But lately I’ve been drawn a lot toward buddhism. One of my pet peeves about being a unitarian is that the experience and the sermons, in particular, speak to my head. Sunday mornings are food for thought, but not necessarily food for the heart.

Unitarians, in my experience, get a bit squeamish when it comes to the intangibles. Not that we are squeamish about faith, or our beliefs. But unitarianism, to me, has the feel of a WASP religion that feels safe in the exploration of ideas and experiences. For whatever reason, my primary complaint about it has been that it has spoken to my head and never as much to my heart.

But something tripped when I went and did a meditation session at the SF buddhist center. It wasn’t some cult-like drink-the-kool-aid moment. But it felt like the right place at the right time. Or the right thing to be doing at the right time.

I’m a carnivore, so I’m not making any plans to give that up. But I’m definitely open to exploring the buddha thing a whole lot more. For whatever the train that is my life has pulled into the buddha station, so we’ll be staying for a while to explore.

And oh yeah, speaking of boy meets boy, my vote is that Franklin is the straight boy. I don’t know why, I’ve just had that vibe since day 1. I guess we’ll find out next week.


Woke up late. Felt behind the entire rest of the day.

Thinking meditation practice might be a nice thing to start. Want to find something calming, relaxing, peaceful. Don’t know why but I’m on a buddha kick lately.

Nice run tonight with Andrew. There is always one portion of this run, coming back from the ocean, that frustrates me. It’s more uphill than it looks, and for some reason I always want to quit at that point and walk for a while. I wanted to kick something. But no, not productive. Left, right, left, right don’t kick left right left right…

Busy weekend. Nothing shattering. Played the guest on Friday night, played host on Saturday night, went to the Eagle with her on Sunday night, where I believe I saw him.

Want to start a meditation practice and rise early every morning for 45 minutes of metta (lovingkindness) meditation. I have vision of being peaceful, disciplined, and calm. Even as I think these things I know I’m setting my expectations so high that only frustration can result. So even if I don’t get the peaceful calm, I’d be happy with having the discipline to set a new wake up time.

I’m out of whack on my spiritual side. I’ve been really uninvolved in church this summer.

Blog Etiquette?

Okay, when someone posts a comment to your weblog, and you get the email with the comment in it, are you supposed to…

1) Write back to the commenter via email.
2) Respond to the commenter by posting on your weblog.
3) 1 & 2.
4) Stop taking this blog thang so seriously.
5) none of the above.
6) all of the above.
7) some of the above.


Giving new meaning to phrase baby in the oven.

Making the world a better place, one makeover at a time.

And Mom, that book you lent me about garden mysteries. It’s awful. It’s so bad I don’t even think I’ll let Tuesday eat it.

You want innovation, I’ll give you innovation

Bill, you creepy little rich boy. I’m sure that you’re having troubles figuring out how to spend the billions of billions of dollars sitting in your bank account. So I’ll help you out.

Go buy symantec. Or McAfee. Or some other virus protection maker. Build it into your operating system. Just build it in, so it is always there no matter what. Interested in turning this “innovative” feature into a revenue stream so you can “stay closer” to your customers? Then put in monthly updating for a low low fee of whatever.

But JHFING Christ, enough with the sloppy operating system and viruses by the billions. If you need any help spending any of your other billions of dollars, just call. I’m always here to help.

Yeah, I dig it

Tonight a client made me dinner at his new house. It was really great. It made me really enjoy what I do as a realtor. I had a ball. Good conversation. Great times. It was so different than my customer interactions with them.

I have to be at the gym at 6:45am, then an 8:45am showing, then a busy day of tour. My tea is probably boiling on the stove upstairs as I type, so I must go silence it.

Tuesday, for a free dog, you are the most expensive animal I have ever owned. But at least you won’t need glasses anymore after the eye surgery. We’ll be sure to schedule it a few days after labor day so that the vet will be sober and recovered from their long weekend.

Sony tech support. You suck, I hate you. I’d buy a mac again if it worked with the local real estate MLS system. But it doesn’t. So I won’t. But I will still hate Sony tech support for ever.