There is a new site on the web, AdoptCop. If you click on the link over on the upper left hand side of the page, you’ll see that the initial lawsuit is against our agency, the IAC.

I actually really like their site layout and goals, and I’m interested in seeing if it becomes a good resource of information for potential adoptive parents, or if it is just going to be used by the attorney who started it to drum up more business.

Brian and I knew so so so little about adoption and what could possibly go wrong when it all started. I often look back and wish we had done more education and had a better idea for the process, what can go wrong, how likely it is to go wrong, what are some of the typical warning signs, etc. Somedays I humor myself by thinking I’ll start a website with all that information, but then I get sucked back into the demands of my every day life.


Tomorrow morning we depart for our roadtrip to LA.

Lots of preparations this week. Adoption might not be a full-time job, but it sure is a part time job. We went digging through the photo archives (10,000+ photos) this week as part of a little project. I can’t believe all the things we’ve done, place we’ve visited, and cool people we’ve met over the past 7 years.

Other news:

I’ve been wrestling with our TIVO, and it is winning. I want it to record The Daily Show on Comedy Central, but I don’t want it record it 4 times a day. Help!

I love the Ellen show. I never have time to watch it, but every now and again I’ll sit down and catch a tivo’d show. Last night I saw the Dolly Parton episode. Dolly Parton rocks.

2 aerobic days and 1 gym day this week. Short of goal, but not bad considering last week we had 2 swim days, 2 surf sessions, 1 good run, and 2 workouts at the gym. I want shoulders of doom. Abs of doom too, but I’m resigned to never seeing them.

Flax is the coolest store in San Francisco. Go there, buy stuff, and make cool things.

Nancy Pelosi, you rock! The emperor has no clothes, and thank you for saying it loud and proud.

I want to visit Turkey now, or at least buy all the videos.

Bed time for bonzo!

Wedding Bells Again

Congrats to everyone out in Massachusetts (damn, that’s a word I’d completely forgotten how to spell).

What a wonderful, wonderful, wonderful day. Won’t the conservative haters be shocked tomorrow to find out that the sky hasn’t fallen, their state hasn’t been consumed by a plague of locusts, hurricanes will not ravage their coastline, and that life, sweet, beautiful, life goes on. If there is a God, I have a feeling he’s got a nice smile on his face today.

Love is love kids.

ps – why are the lesbian couples always the first to get married?

We interrupt this blog for an important announcement…

San Francisco – Matt & Brian did not hear anything from anyone about any possible adoptions today. The big news in adoption land is that, well, there is no big news. This isn’t necessarily bad news. The agency could have called and said that the birthmom definitely wasn’t interested in us. But as Forrest would say, “adoption is like a box of chocolates. You just never know what you are going to get.” or whatever Forrest said. I can never remember movie lines. It’s just a failing I have.

When we started the adoption journey, I thought it would be important to cut back on other activities so that I would have time to focus on “the adoption.” Honestly, bad idea. Cutting back on your regular activities only increases the time you spend trying to not think about adoption.

I’ve started swimming. I think I’ll enjoy it much more once I perfect the skill of inhaling when my mouth or nose is not submerged in the water. Of course, if I could actually kick, that would be good too. Instead of kicking, I have some odd flopping of my legs, bending in all the wrong places at all the wrong times. I’m pretty sure I made the swim team that was practicing with their coach feel much, much, much better about themselves. That’s me. I’m a giver.

I got a new gadget. While it would be great to have a baby right here right now, I’ll enjoy the disposable income while it lasts. Soon it will go to baby clothes, diapers, formula, college funds and all that. But for a bit longer it can still be all about me. The gadget arrived this evening, about a week ahead of schedule. It’s charging right now. If it was fully charged I’d be out playing with it now.

My surf coach called back this evening. I was busy and couldn’t take the call, but I’m looking forward to hearing his voice mail in the morning. Perhaps he was abducted by aliens and had his memory erased, only to remember that he was a surfing coach that had been paid in advance for surfing lessons when he was released from the space-ship.

Golfing. Yes, it’s true, I’ve been to the driving range for two Fridays in a row. Do I get credit for being consistently awful? I mean, come on, consistency is consistency, right?

A biathlon. I’m thinking of entering a biathlon in August. It’s a 1.5 mile swim and a 7 mile run. Above paragraph on swimming should explain my hesitancy to commit at this time. We’ll see.

iTunes 4.5. I’m loving it. I absolutely love seeing other people’s playlists. Through them I discovered Atomic Kitten. Saccharine pop always tastes so sweet, and no worries about tooth decay. Stevie, whip that iPod team around and get me a beefier mini. I’m outta room (4 gigs of dance music, how scary is that???) and I don’t want to compromise!

I’m on a roll folks, stand back! :-)

Good Dog!

A local pet shop has some awesome squeaky toys.

Good boy, Spot!

Fred, meanwhile, goes for the elephant. What a good dog!

In other news, we have talked a bit with a birthmom and her family. We really like them, and hope they want to get to know us better. They are thinking things over and are going to get back to us and the other couples on Friday. Think positive thoughts for us, okay??? Thanks!!!!