Where the heck?

Hey all, sorry not much posting lately. Before we get to the update, check out this link. Collateral damage? We can hide behind the euphemisms all we want, but people are people and war is ugly. Anyway, I digress.

Still matched with the birthmom. Start lamaze classes with her this weekend and they last until July 17. Had our official match meeting. Things seem to be going well. Fingers and toes are crossed that this one works out. If it doesn’t, we’ll be hanging up our open adoption hopes for a while and taking a very long vacation (I want Amsterdam, not sure about Brian).

Still haven’t made sure birthmom is okay with our website. Maybe we will do that this weekend after lamaze classes. Or maybe we will just procrastinate some more. I’m not sure.

Send us some positive thoughts and prayers.

4 days 1,264 pages

Don’t know what you did with your memorial day weekend, but I spend mine doing very little except reading as much as possible.

I have been reading the book, A Venetian Affair, which is a true life story of an affair back in Venice. I haven’t finished it yet, but I’ll probably go back and finish it when I’ve exhausted more interesting options. I set this one aside sometime last week so that I could start reading Duane’s Depressed, by Larry McMurtry.

Duane’s Depressed is the final book in the trilogy that started with The Last Picture Show. Book #2 is Texasville, which is probably one of my all time favorite novels of all. I was browsing in a used book store the weekend we met our birthmom, and ran across this copy of Duane’s Depressed for 5 bucks or something ridiculously cheap. It’s not as good as Texasville, but it’s a good read. I’m not sure if I liked the way he wrapped things up, but I love the characters. I really relate to Duane, not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing.

Next up was Open House, another book I picked up from the used bookstore. It was an Oprah pick, and I usually enjoy most of the books she picks, so I gave it a try.

It was “novel lite” – not bad, but didn’t really leave me asking big questions or thinking deep thoughts. Good writing, the story moves along, pretty predictable, but I felt a little warm and fuzzy at the end, and said to myself, “you go girl!” – which is what I think you are supposed to do after reading an Oprah pick. It was easy reading, and I easily knocked it out in an evening.

The next book I started in on was The Blood Canticle by Anne Rice. It’s the latest addition to The Vampire Chronicles. I’ve read the rest of her Vampire Chronicles, but have been steadily dissapointed by them as time goes on. I read about 50 pages of this one before setting it aside. Lestat was just ranting, and it had a very boring, “been there – done that” feel to it. Maybe I’ll go back and finish it one of these days, but I’m not sure. I can only read so many descriptions of Lestat making someone a vampire before it feels like I’ve read them all.

The big winner from the weekend book-a-thon, though, was The Time Traveler’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger. I highly recommend you buy this book and read it.

It’s a beautiful story of love and time, cause and effect, and it left me breathless. I don’t want to give away the story, but she really does an excellent job, particularly with the characters. Henry is our time travelling man, but there is an interesting twist to his time travels that changes the way you look at the story. That simple twist makes the characters so human, so fragile, so real. I can’t say enough about this book, I really loved it, but I don’t want to write more and spoil the story for y’all.