The Update of Late

Hey everyone out in blogville. Sorry we’ve been such bad posters as of late. We’ve been busy, I assure you. I’ve also put a lot of time into my other website, so send some clients, m’kay? Also under the heading of “very cool” is Newsgator, which puts RSS feeds into Outlook. I really like it. I can finally keep up with blogs again (hopefully).

Las Vegas in NV was a good time. Photos will be up someday (can you tell I’m behind?). LV is definitely not my favorite place. I don’t drink. I don’t smoke. I don’t gamble. And no really, I’m not a mormon. That said, we played 5 dollars in the slots and left with 10, so at least we weren’t robbed blind. But there is something really sad about watching older folks stare blankly at a slot machine, mindlessly punching the “go” button, with a half-burnt cigarette hanging out of their lip and a beer in the other hand. I liked the Bellagio a lot. There, I said something nice about vegas.

Anyway, last weekend was a crazy busy weekend. Friday night we flew down for another Lamaze class, then we flew back on Saturday afternoon for Nathan’s 2nd birthday party, and then after we walked the dogs, we headed off to Pete’s birthday party. Sunday was filled with work for both of us, and then BOOM it was Monday again.

Our last lamaze class is this weekend. Things seem to be going really well with the birthmom and her family. We really, really, really like them and we really, really, really hope that this match works out. The baby is due in just a few weeks, we’ve all agreed upon a name (to be revealed later). Things looks promising, think good thoughts for us, m’kay.

And here are a few photos of Pete’s birthday party for you.

What you want to hear…

First to what you want to hear. The adoption seems to be going really well so far. Had our first lamaze class last weekend. This weekend, we don’t have class, but we are still headed down to see them, and then we are all going to vegas together.

I’m a vegas virgin, so it should be a fascinating experience to say the least.

Made a playlist for our birthmom, and I have to say I’m amazed by the size of iTunes music library. It’s pretty fricking awesome. Go Apple, Go.

Last nigh we saw Fahrenheit 9/11, and I couldn’t get to sleep until almost 4:00am. Part of it was because I was working on a playlist, part of it was because my mind just wouldn’t settle down. Do something patriotic this weekend – go and see it. Then when you exit the theatre, don’t just come out pissed off, commit to helping change things. Huh. Uh. Dat’s right.

Anyway, gotta go and pack for vegas.