There are moments in life, I imagine, than answer questions.

Audrey and I spent the last few days in ABQ with my mom and dad. It was a great trip.

On Friday, we went to the mall so gran could buy some new clothes for Miss A. Buying clothes for the Miss A is a privelege and an honor that Gran carried out quite well.

First, Dillards (OMG, the polka dot dress is so cute!!!). Then Macy’s. Then JcPenneys.

Not sure exactly what we picked out at the JCP. Audrey was busy playing hopscotch, and there was some other 2.5 year old that was a little brutish. But hey, I’d be swinging my arms too if I only knew one word at that age, but anyway, I digress…

After picking out our stuff (you know, the loot), Gran got in line. 2 checkers (it wasn’t exactly a grocery store, but I digress…) One wanders off. My mom is next in line. Checker finishes transaction, looks at Gran, and walks off.


But she did.

Gran says, this is b-s, let’s go, and lays the loot (oh how we’ll miss you, loot we hardly knew) on the closest display.

I walk over to said checker and read her the bidness. Don’t me dissin’ my ma, and all that. She get’s all defensive, but refuses to apologize. On our way out, Gran requests a chat with the manager, and proceeds to read him the riot act. I would have liked to have tag-teamed the doofus, but was busy keeping Miss A from jumping over the railing onto the carousel down below. Carousels at the mall – that’s a whole nother entry.

And it was at this moment, that my question in life was answered. I am absolutely, and without a doubt, my mother’s child (not that there was any doubt). The skanky checker at JCP triggered the exact same reaction in us. But if I was here in SF, alone, or with anyone but my mom, I’d have felt alone or outside, like it was only me who saw the situation in this particular way. But not at the JCP in ABQ. We were on the same wavelength, and then some.

Ah, good times!

Her own little person

“I don’t want to go to daycare.”


“I want to watch sesame street”

“I want to get in my carseat”

“by myself”

“by myself”


“by myself”

Someone is growing up, and is on her way to really being her own little person. It’s pretty awesome to watch, except for when, well, I long for those moments when she was 5 months old and went exactly where you put her!

Seriously, it’s pretty awesome watching my daughter grow up each day.

These are the moments…

Audrey is napping (with Papa, I’m so damn jealous).

I’ve put out the stuff to color easter eggs, and I put together her easter basket for tomorrow morning. It’s filled with the usual things, you know, like a chocolate jesus bunny, cadburry eggs, jelly beans…

These are the moments, to me, that are so amazingly beautiful that I don’t really know how to deal with them except smile.

This is everything I could ever want in life, and I’m the luckiest man alive to live these days with Brian and Audrey.

Our life is so full of hustle and bustle, of stress over work and bills and work and church and work and, well, just all the things that stress a person out.

But amidst the stress and the tension lie these beautiful nuggets of family treasure.

And it’s all absolutely worth it.

Did I mention I’m the luckiest man alive?

Excuse the Mess

Hey all. If you’ve been following this site recently, you know we have had some issues. Like, the site disappeared. Or the text of all the posts went buh-bye. Ya know, stuff like that.

Anyway, I finally bit the bullet and upgraded from wordpress to 1.5.x to the most current version (2.1.1?). Hopefully it’ll fix our spam issues and whatever else was causing the blog to misbehave. Perhaps, like children, it just wanted more attention and had to act out to get it.

Anywho, I don’t know I don’t want to take the time to figure it out how to “plug-in” all of our custom layout stuff, so it will have to wait until Brian has some time to put it all back together.