Armando, Armando, Armando

Sorry for my absence from my blog. A lot has been going on in my life lately, and to be honest, I really haven’t felt like sharing most of it. None of it bad, but most of it, well, just private.

This Sunday will mark 10 years since the day Brian and I met at a bbq in Austin, TX. He’s choosing to commemorate it by leaving the country to spend 5 days with his best friend. I’m coping as best I can, lol.

I usually stop at starbucks in the AM. Today it was warm, so I stopped at the Jamba Juice across the street from the sbucks.

And my cashier’s name was Armando. Which really got me thinking.

I was at the bbq 10 years ago because I was sleeping (dating would be giving it too much credit, and honestly, there wasn’t much sleeping… but anyway, my mother reads this blog…) with this guy named Armando.

And Armando was renting a room from this guy named John. And John was an ex-boyrfriend of Brian’s. Which is how it all came together. I was at John’s house because of Armando, and Brian was there because, well, he gets along really well with his ex-boyfriends. (as an aside, I’ve always respected him for that)

And for the life of me, I cannot remember how I met Armando. At all. It is a complete and total blank.

I called my pal Steve because I thought he might be the responsible person. But he swears we discovered a common link to Armando after I dumped him. And I’m inclined to believe him.

I wouldn’t have picked Armando up at a bar, because, well, I didn’t do such things. I let people buy me drinks, okay!

Which leaves the gym. I’m pretty sure we worked out at the same gym. But I cannot, for the life of me, figure out how we would have connected beyond that random polite phrases that I’m sure passed between us.

So there it is, today’s big mystery. Armando, if you are reading this, as I’m sure you aren’t, please clue me in with a comment or two.


Me and Aud at the zoo

So yesterday morning I took Audrey to the zoo. It’s become a Monday morning tradition since we stopped swim classes. It’s an absolute riot to watch her run around the zoo. But her favorite part is riding the train. She was absolutely hilarious, waiting very patiently until the train was ready to ride, but I assure you we were on the 1st train to leave the station! I think this week’s favorite animal were the alligators. But don’t worry, it’ll change next week I’m sure.