Take that, ya bastards!

Once every couple of days, this awful craptacular pile of coupons and offers shows up in my mailbox. I removed myself from most mailing lists, but couldn’t figure out how to get off of this one…

It turns out the craptacular pile of paper is produced by Valassis as part of the “Red Plum” brand. Somewhere in America, someone has a resume that lists “launched Red Plum brand for Valassis Industries, a direct mail…” and I feel truly sorry for that person… but anyway, I digress.

If you too want off their mailing list, visit:


or call at 1-800-437-0479 (8:30am-5:00pm EST).

Princess Rules #3 and #5

Today at dinner our little princess informed us that there are rules for being a princess.

And she proceeded to share rules #1 – #7 (why 7? – couldn’t tell ya. Perhaps it is a princess thang.)

Princess Rule #3 – Princesses don’t go crazy.

Princess Rule #5 – Princesses don’t put tape on the television.

Now you know.