Baby Girl is Growin’ Up

Today was the last day of somebody’s pre-school career. Fortunately for all, it ended right on schedule and not a day too early or late. It’s hard to believe somebody is gonna be a kindergartner this fall. Although not scientifically verified, I’m pretty sure our days are still 24 hours long. Somehow, though, they just keep going faster and faster and faster…

The past two years were awesome. Plenty of neurotic new parent moments. A few moments of doubt and concern. But plenty more moments of happiness, pride, love, joy and all the good shit that is easy to forget sometimes.

Her school had a fair to end the year. And there was my baby girl out there holding her own, doing the ring toss, cake spin, jump house, and so many other things. And reaching up to hold my hand every now and again.

And while it is an abused word, there I was, feeling like we’d found the right community for Audrey and us.